What can be done about unrest and anxiety?


Every stressful period of the day calls for moments free of tension. Be good to yourself and implement time for relaxation into your daily routine. Take the time to sort your duties according to their importance and approach them in a calm manner. Practice being calm and composed, and listen to your body’s signals. Autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation are helpful tools you can use to initiate relaxation:


Autogenic Training


Autogenic training allows for the attainment of a hypnotic state of consciousness, similar to meditation. The trainee should always be as comfortable as possible and should perform the exercises in both the sitting and lying positions at least once daily.  The goal is to focus on the different body parts, thereby completely relaxing their muscles. Relaxed muscles promote relaxation and regeneration of the brain.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Stress, excitation, and inner unrest can lead to a heightened muscle tension and consequently give rise to, and even sustain, pain. The point of progressive muscle relaxation is the targeted contraction and release of the muscles to achieve overall relaxation in the body. Those practicing this exercise can acquire the sensation of knowing whether or not their muscles are tense.