Current Use as an Anxiolytic

Inner contemplation, calm, and emotional balance are rare today. Increasing numbers of people suffer from insomnia (being either unable to fall asleep or unable to sleep through the night), nervousness, anxiety, and depression. The calming and anxiolytic effects of natural medicines, which have been known for centuries, are becoming more and more important in and of themselves, and also as alternatives to pharmaceutical medications. 


For many years, passionflower has proven itself as an effective natural medicine because it quickly alleviates anxiety and associated nervous unrest.  As such, passionflower extract is currently being recommended to treat nervous unrest. It is also optimal for the treatment of tension, agitation, and nervous disturbances associated with falling asleep.


The passionflower extract releases its effects through nerve messengers (also known as neurotransmitters) like GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) as well as others. Specifically, the extract serves to positively influence the regulation of GABA. Its calming effect is similar to that of benzodiazepenes, a synthetic group of pharmaceutical medications used for anxiolytic treatment.


The Extract of the Passionflower Herb

Helpful for:

  • Nervous unrest during the day
  • Nervous disturbances impacting the ability to fall asleep
  • Feelings related to the pressure to perform
  • Examination stress
  • Anxiety (for example, anxiety before having an operation)



  • Quick mechanism of action
  • Very good tolerability
  • Suitable for long-term treatment
  • No known interactions with other medications
  • No known potential for addiction/dependence