Expert Opinions

Professor Dr. Wolf-Dieter Gerber, Director of the Institute for Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology at the University of Kiel in Germany, is in agreement with other medical experts when he says:

“Conditions of tension and anxiety, nervous unrest, and other psychosomatic complaints have the capacity to create high psychological strain, which may diminish quality of life and necessitate treatment. Dried extracts derived from passionflower are effective for such conditions as nervous unrest and feelings of anxiety. Thus, they play an important role in cases requiring multi-modal treatment (behavioural therapy plus medicinal treatment).”


Because preparations of passionflower extract have a side effect frequency of less than 0.01 percent, they have “a higher level of medicinal safety. Passionflower preparations are well-tolerated, can be combined with other medications, and do not show addictive potential,” according to Professor Dr. Wulf-Dieter Möller of Germany during an expert panel discussion held in July 2007.


Hence, using passionflower as an anxiolotyic is a very good therapeutic option. It should be considered the first course of treatment for conditions of nervous unrest and feelings of anxiety.