Conditions of Nervous Unrest


Approximately one in five adults suffers from anxiety or nervous tension because he or she is overwhelmed by the demands of daily routine, experiences a pressure to perform, or feels overburdened by the double load of family and work. Living each day in continual stress has become a normal state of affairs for many people. Those who are unable to break through the cycle of nervousness, stress, and tension with restful periods may find that these conditions become constant companions.


How do I recognize conditions of nervous unrest?

  • You fall asleep with difficulty or wake frequently during the night and then cannot fall asleep again.
  • You are tired during the day and have problems concentrating.
  • You do not like going to work.
  • You are afraid before examinations, flying, or making public presentations (stage fright).
  • You feel pressured easily and then have difficulties formulating sentences clearly.
  • You feel cold or have the shakes/are shaking, alongside episodes of perspiration, when in stressful circumstances.
  • You become dizzy or sick in stressful sitations.
  • You experience sudden heart palpitations/heart racing/tachycardia in stressful moments and would prefer to/rather flee the scene.
  • You have high blood pressure.
  • You feel that you are not able to completely relax – you are constantly thinking about all your duties or problems.